Working better together AND on the right things

There will be times when you need more from your HR team, and we know achieving genuine high performance can be frustrated by so many factors. We can help identify them and with your commitment reduce or eradicate them.


Our focus is on the whole team in HR, including you as leader. Our approach is to work collaboratively with you and be equally focussed on the medium term and as well as quicker wins. We will work first on the things you deem are the priorities – not us!

Who Can Benefit

We have worked with many different HR teams; size, nationality and location are not a problem. We can help any HR team where a step change in performance and effectiveness is required. The drivers will be different and varied but our underlying approach is the same. We assess the people, the function and business outcomes. We are interested in behaviours and results – how and what.

So whether you need is driven by a business change, change of leader, dysfunctional behaviour  or simply making a great team greater, then we can help you.

What It Offers

A deep dive into how effective your team work with you and each other. We explore behaviours and characteristics of great teams and compare your team to those using a diagnostic tool. E.g. we look at levels of trust and how you master conflict.

A deep dive into your business performance measured on many dimensions using our own Diagnostic Tool. We’ll review what you deliver, how you deliver it but also how you manage accountability and outcomes.  

Additional Features

We have our preferred methods and tools but are equally happy to discuss using ones that your business already deploys. Typically our work with you will focus on one or more of the following:

Initial Team Assessment

Team Purpose, Values, Strategy, Goals and Roles

Team Behaviours and Feedback

Team Governance and effective meetings

Conflict resolution and decision-making

Growth, development and learning

Team scorecard

Communications and marketing

Virtual / remote working 

We are committed to co-design and collaboration – working with you not for you in delivering the results of the diagnostics and facilitating improvement activity.

We are advocates of immediate application of the learning and we follow up with you rigorously to ensure changes are embedded.


Your team will be more honest with each other, collaborate better, and understand each other’s strength and weaknesses. They will also recognise and value each other’s preferences and styles.

Your team will share a clear common purpose, will align to the teams business priorities, not their own, and will deliver better solutions to your business as a result. They will work collaboratively on the agreed improvement areas we have identified together.


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