Top-paid men exceed women by four to one - Opinion

From Oxen Park's Geoff Booth:

Putting aside straightforward breaches of the law, what else is happening here? How attractive is the top – really?? Do many humans truly aspire to the very top with all the incumbent impacts on everything else in your life.

For example to what extent does choice and attitude (not ability) play a part in the lower number of women in senior roles alongside the easily quoted reasons below. How many men choose not to strive for the very top ( I can say that because I am one), because of a lack of ambition or ability. Also maybe preferring to have a life, and/or unwilling to sacrifice personal values.

"Almost four times more men than women occupy Britain’s highest paid posts, according to new government data. The figures show there were 681,000 men earning £100,000 or more in 2015-16, compared with only 179,000 women. According to the latest data, 17,000 men earned £1m in 2015-16, while only 2,000 women did so. The findings provoked concern from Treasury select committee chair Nicky Morgan, who said the higher proportion of men than women in senior roles was “a key driver of the gender pay gap.” Brenda Trenowden, chair of the 30% Club, said there was no “quick fix” to the situation. “There are a number of factors – including better management of women, appropriate senior role models, and breaking down the gender bias – which need to be implemented,” she said. Meanwhile, the FT reports that with three weeks left until the deadline to report their gender pay gap, employers are considering what policies could reduce the difference between what they pay female and male staff."