Someone representing employees on the board... now there’s a novelty

According to The Mail on Sunday, the Government will ‘nudge’ companies into board changes, Oxen Park's Geoff has an opinion on the matter.

The Mail reports that the UK government is expected to recommend that companies should be 'nudged' into naming a non-executive director and board member to be responsible for employees and diversity. It is also thought that firms could be encouraged to volunteer to appoint a non-executive to be in charge of corporate social responsibility issues. It is understood that ministers want to issue a consultation document on the proposals before the Conservative party conference in a fortnight. The Mail also suggests that the proposals may be seen as a climbdown from earlier recommendations that companies would be forced to have worker representatives on their boards.

Reacting to this – Geoff asks why it is not the HR Director representing employees at board level? That said a non executive aligned to the HRD would be better than none at all.