Rethinking mindsets about female leaders and for female leaders - a roundtable discussion

Thursday, 17 October 2019
Aldgate, London (Turning Point)
One Day

Our next Round Table Discussion is about the leadership challenges faced by women and how we approach leadership identity and authenticity.

  1. We'll discuss the particular challenges faced by female leaders and aspiring leaders;
  2. We’ll explore the extent to which these challenges are unique to women and
  3. Finally we’ll challenge ourselves to think beyond the current gender binary approach to leadership behaviour

Our first session will be facilitated by Penny de Valk (www.pennydevalk.com) Leadership Coach and Mentor. You can read more from Penny here.

  • Explore some of the potentially contradictory expectations associated for female leaders - to what extent are they expected to be demanding or caring; authoritative or participative; advocating for themselves or serving others; maintaining distance or being approachable.

  • We will look at this ‘double bind’ many leaders experience through a ‘paradox’ rather than a ‘dilemma’ lens and discuss how we can build a paradox mindset to make our best leadership impact

Our second contributor, Dr Belinda Board, will suggests:

“There is a presumption that leader identities evolve differentially for men and women. This presumes a binary definition of gender. If we take a more continuous definition of gender identity then we can understand the potential challenges that all leaders have as they navigate the corporate world to define their version of authenticity.”

Review with us, how leader identities are developed and how gender bias can interfere with this process. 

Join us on Thursday 17th October 2019 from 9:30am to 4:30pm in Aldgate, London where we will be hosted by Julie Bass, Group Managing Director at Turning Point. The investment or cost, depending on your view, will be £99 (plus VAT and booking fee). If you learn nothing we’ll refund your fee. You can book your tickets here.

This should be of interest to everyone aspiring to improve their personal leadership or to HR leaders looking to the advancement of leadership capability in general. 

Oxen Park meetings create an environment for sharing, talking with peers and an opportunity to clarify your thinking.

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