Research is our fourth service and it complements our other activity. We undertake research on a wide range of topics related to either the HR profession or the people side of business; we do this either for clients or for ourselves. 


We consider sharing insights with our clients an important part of our service offer. Sometimes we initiate that research and sharing; sometimes clients ask us to research something specific for them. Our philosophy is that we create joint intellectual property rights and will want to share that research more widely in time. We can undertake quantitative (survey based) or qualitative (interviews, workshops) research; our preference is a rich blend of the two.

Client Sponsored Research

From time to time we undertake specific research to help you understand, in some detail, certain aspects of the world of HR. We work with you to understand your objectives and we agree the best approach to achieving those through research.

We can draw on the specialist research design and analysis skills of our associates in this field.

Our research helps both the client and ourselves deepen our understanding of what is current HR.

Talking with HR Leaders during the research will also allow us to strengthen our connection to those we already know and allow us to connect with those we previously had no real connection with.

Oxen Park Research

We have and will continue to undertake research simply to deepen our own knowledge and understanding of what is on the minds of HR Leaders at a particular time. It’s important for us to extend and refresh our own thinking in this way.

If you participate in our research you gain advanced access to the results.

We use this research to inform our own offerings to clients (creating the Future HR Leaders Programme for example); to inform our consulting solutions and to bring fresh ideas to our Peer Networking events.

Research Findings – White Papers

If you are interested in the outcomes of Oxen Park research, please get in touch to request one of the following White Papers:

  • Getting a true picture - HR survey 2010
  • Global Shared Services in HR
  • Global talent management and workforce planning
  • Action learning
  • Be a better consultant
  • Must try harder - Report on international HR service delivery (coming soon - register your interest now)


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