Oxen Park in Agreement with Peter Cheese, CIPD

We are delighted to see that the CIPD is shifting the focus away from policy and procedure and towards business outcomes, read their Happy New Year Message here.

"Happy New Year! 2017 looks set to be another year of significant political and economic change.

The UK’s vote to leave the EU, Trump’s election in the United States, and ongoing corporate scandals throughout 2016, all highlighted the growing challenges of a fast changing world, the need to listen to different voices and views, and wider concerns about trust in leaders and the establishment.

In the midst of uncertainty, we must focus on what we can control. Businesses need to step up, build trust and create environments where people feel valued, safe and included, and where their voices are heard. The imperative to shape organisations that are agile and responsive, but also productive and innovative, depends on these human connections and workplace cultures.

As a profession, our purpose has never been clearer. We must embrace the opportunity to play our part in shaping the future of work with confidence and credibility. This means standing up for what we believe in and investing in our own professional development to stay current. We’ve already made great progress in adapting to the changing context and increasing our focus on outcomes over policies and procedures. Now we need a clearer definition of the skills and capabilities it will take for the profession to continue in this vein as the world of work evolves.

A big focus for us at the CIPD this year will be on developing a new professional standards framework that will help you maintain your credibility and impact by being principles led, evidence based, and outcomes driven. To get involved in creating this framework, join us in London on 29 March for a series of interactive workshops, discussions and debates.

As your professional body, we’ll continue to ensure that your voice and the voice of the profession are heard too, both nationally and internationally. In 2017 we want to see progress on closing skills gaps, pay and reward, well-being and engagement, diversity and inclusion, and in corporate culture, governance and leadership.

That’s a big list of resolutions, and it won’t always be easy to win hearts and minds. If we work together as a community of professionals – supporting one another and accountable to one another – we can make 2017 a year of positive change, putting the human back into the heart of HR and of organisations all around the world.

Kind regards

Peter Cheese
Chief Executive, CIPD"