Our Work & Client Testimonials


We have always challenged the value of including client testimonials on our web site, after all would any website owner include things that are uncomplimentary? That said we see value in showing that our clients are happy to endorse our work with them. We are also very proud to have worked with these organisations and are extremely grateful they are willing to say nice things about us!

The following are therefore a flavour of the feedback and compliments we have received over recent years and in every case these clients would be happy for you to talk to them directly about their experience with Oxen Park if that were more valuable to you. For those clients who have not given attributable endorsements it is largely down to the number of internal hoops we would have to ask them to jump through! If you are, or ever have worked in large organisations you will know how very particular they can be about these things. Please contact us if you would like more information or background on these projects.


Be A Better Business Partner

Following an anonymous review of our early 2017 programme:

Everyone who attended would recommend the programme to a colleague, and agreed they have learned new tools, techniques and personal skills that will be valuable in their work.

Most believe it ranked amongst best professional development they had experienced and would improve their business partnering skills.


Peer Networking - face to face 24 hour events

"I arrived towards the end of the first session.  The atmosphere struck me immediately as open, warm, safe and friendly.  This built as we broke for a drink, another session and dinner.  The next day collaborative interactions were sparking for me and for others. A network event that was a real network."

Andrew Campbell - Director at Ashridge Strategic Management Centre


Future HR Leaders Programme - participant perspective

"Attending the Future HR Leaders Programme enabled me to take stock of what I had achieved and what my personal barriers were to realising my own potential and ability.  By allowing the group to choose the agenda, we were able to agree on what our learning priorities were. Networking with guest speakers from other businesses also played a key role in realising achievements and exploring issues further.  This programme gave me the confidence and ability to move on in my own career."

Rachel Falla - HR Manager at IMI Webber (programme completed whilst working for Bristol City Council)


I joined the Oxen Park Future HR Leader Programme in 2014 with expectations of improving my leadership capability, networking with interesting colleagues from different sectors of HR and finding tangible ways forward with business challenges through action learning. It certainly did "what it said on the tin". I have benefited from all of the above. 

What I did not expect that this programme gave me an epiphany moment in my career and with the help of the other delegates and expert facilitators, enabled me to  take a huge career jump abroad for my Company. I have never looked back however have sometimes wondered if I would have taken this leap without realising my potential ability and taking courage from the learning I had over the course of the programme. 

I can not recommend it enough if you really want to challenge and be challenged to realise what you can do.   

Keren Taylor - Head of HR at Zurich Insurance Company


Future HR Leaders Programme - sponsor perspective

"One of my rising stars participated in the Future HR Leaders programme over the last year. She found the content and the networking excellent and the format very effective in terms of timing and duration. I have no hesitation in recommending this programme."

Charlie Keeling - Former Global HR Director at Clyde & Co LLP


Consulting Skills - participant perspective

"I cannot speak highly enough of my personal development experience with Oxen Park. Geoff and Ivan were fabulous personable course leaders, coaches and mentors who challenged and encouraged you to take from the learning a new way of thinking. They gave me the confidence to sit back, plan more effectively the client interaction and not just jump in with tailor made solutions 'off the peg' which were not owned by the client..."


"I have invested in development for many HR&OD teams and individuals over the years with a variety of external providers but my recent experience with Oxen Park has been exemplary. We have recently experienced, as a HR & OD management team, their Consulting Skills Programme; a blend of consulting theory, real work situations, individual skills development and peer coaching through action learning. There’s also a great Workbook resource provided as well.

The formal evaluation scores from all the participants were exceptional but the unsolicited feedback offered to me by my team was the most effusive I have heard for a very long time.

Oxen Park have quickly built a positive relationship with my management team based on openness, honest feedback, trust and flexibility.  Where possible they tailor their proposition to a budget, whilst maintaining focus on delivering a quality offer to achieve desired outcomes."

Dawn Aunger - Assistant Director for HR and Organisational Development at Plymouth City Council


Organisation and Team Development for HR

"We are all facing the same situations, great expertise and appropriate approach. Enthusiastic, eye-opener, a lot of energy!"

"The opportunity to network and acquire valuable change management and consulting skills that I can readily apply in my day-to-day role. Being part of a real EMEIA team, sharing best practices..... opening our minds to other views and cultures.... I enjoyed working on action learning in teams."

"This was the best education I ever attended. Usually I can always find something that could have been better, but not this time. Great investment from leadership to join the course, great network, good place to be in and the content was great. Especially the part with Change Management. From the network I learned so much and does not feel alone anymore in all the changes we are driving." 

 "The experience sharing added to the authenticity of the programme - leadership's active participation."

A selection of feedback from international participants on this programme.


Consulting Client

"The HR Diagnostic developed by Oxen Park is a robust and comprehensive instrument for exploring the effectiveness of the HR function in an objective and systematic way.   More importantly, it is invaluable for identifying areas for improvement that will have the real impact on enhancing overall business performance. It is easy to make assumptions as to where you think the needs are greatest but this approach ensures all aspects of the HR contribution are assessed. I would not embark on any HR change or transformation programme without first applying this diagnostic."

Andrew Wright - Director, Leadership and Partner Development at Ernst &Young


Consulting Client

"Oxen Park provided experience-based knowledge, as well as a comprehensive and straight forward workshop design, that helped the CallHR team develop its own ideas and plans to improve performance in terms of end-to-end process ownership."

Carlos Huerta - EMEA Shared Service Lead at DuPont