Online Conversation with Nick Petrie, World-Class Leadership Expert

Monday, 15 June 2015
From Your Office
Up to 2 Hours

We are doing something different: spend less than 2 hours from the comfort of your own office joining a genuinely world-class thinker and just a few of your peers on a topic you care about, namely leadership and development.  Take a moment to read on and then decide.......

1) Let’s be honest - how many leadership development programmes genuinely show a ROI?
2) Are today’s leadership development programmes really equipping our future leaders with the skills to lead in a world which is increasingly volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous?

That’s the conundrum that ex New Zealand professional rugby player and coach turned academic/consultant, Nick Petrie, of the Centre for Creative Leadership* has spent months researching with some of the best academic and business brains around the world.

Nick concluded that Leadership Development programmes should focus on Vertical (Thinking) development and less about Horizontal (Skills) development and that this requires three primary conditions to succeed, in summary;

Heat experiences (initiates) – the leader faces a complex situation that disrupts and disorientates his habitual way of thinking
Colliding perspectives (enables) – the leader is then exposed to people with different worldviews, opinions and backgrounds
Elevated sense making (integrates) – the leader then uses a process to help him integrate and make sense of these perspectives and experiences

Many well intentioned leadership development programmes fail to deliver results because they hit one or two of the primary conditions. Any one of the conditions can provide some value, but it is only when you combine all three that development really takes off.

Your invitation

To discuss this with Nick, alongside a couple of handfuls of carefully chosen HR Leaders by Rick, Geoff and Ivan to join us from your office via Adobe Connect on Monday 15th June at 3.00pm for an hour and half (maybe extended to two hours if requested) of discussion and debate. 

  • No sales pitch from Nick
  • No waffle from us
  • No time to do your emails whilst listening
  • We’ll facilitate contribution and challenge from everyone

Places are strictly limited, get in touch now to register your interest.

*The Centre for Creative Leadership serves about 20,000 leaders from 134 countries annually and has ranked in the top 10, for 11 consecutive years, of the  Financial Times World Survey of Executive Development.

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