HR Team Development

Our research has confirmed our long held belief that HR Directors and VPs of HR confess to always prioritising their contribution to business performance ahead of the development of their own teams. We firmly believe that, without developing and nurturing the HR ‘stock’, the contribution of the function to business success will diminish over time. Our development programmes are based on three principles:  collaborative co-design with the client, incorporate action learning and focus on the “how” of delivering effective HR service rather than technical aspects.


Presenting situation for the client is usually that HR needs to make a step-change in its positioning and contribution to the business, specifically to redefine its relationship with senior executives and play a greater role in shaping strategy, implementing change initiatives AND become a role model to the rest of the organisation as a high-performing team. 

We can offer an initial diagnostic check and then work with the HR Leaders to co-design something that fits budget, culture and desired outcomes.

Who Can Benefit

HR leaders, their team and more importantly the business they support. HR Leaders will have a more aligned and high performing team; team members share a great learning experience together and improve their collective contribution; and the business benefits from both of these.

Design will be created with the client who is also strongly encouraged to co-facilitate and be present throughout to provide leadership input and coaching for participants.

What It Offers

We prefer each programme to be co-designed with the client but recognise not all can invest the time in this. We can offer a range of modules where we draw heavily on established models of team effectiveness, organisation and behaviour. We also advocate modules that are lite on theory and heavily orientated in business challenges and projects.

The number of modules is flexible to align with budgets but we always advocate 2 so that participants can practice what they have learned back in the real world.

Action learning is at the core of the design, in that new concepts are always applied to real situations and separate action learning sets formed to embed learning of new content. 

Additional Features

These programmes can be particularly useful to newly appointed HR Leaders or newly formed HR teams, or those based in multiple locations / business units.

Workshops can be run as a one-off for smaller HR functions or form a regular part of the HR development calendar to build HR capability.

The latest collaborative learning technologies can be used to support pre-programme briefing sessions and follow up sessions after the face-to-face classroom modules are completed.


Increased HR team effectiveness

Increased engagement from senior team members who now have a better understanding of their own behaviour, each other, their leader and their collective opportunities & accountabilities

A great development experience for individual participants

Key people initiatives / projects will be accelerated and implemented more successfully

HR seen as a role model for effective team working for the organisation


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