HR business partner models fail to add strategic value

An article from HR Magazine makes Geoff reflect on the learning available for HR Business Partners

Many years ago, probably 7 or 8 my fellow co-founder of Oxen Park, Ivan Hickmott and I wrote a White Paper expressing our disappointment at the type of education and learning available to those who are trying to fulfil the role of HR Business Partner.

We considered there was plenty of advice, education and courses about what an HR BP is or should be but very little on how to learn the skills and behaviours and make the transition to that challenging role.

We created our own programme which we hope has made the transition better for those who have attended over the years. It was therefore “bitter sweet” to read the following article in the HR Magazine where Andrew Mayo was suggesting that not enough has changed.

Please read the article to form your own view and I would love to hear you opinion too.