Hospital Taps Toyota Workflow to Reduce Staff Errors

Ahead of the Oxen Park Networking event – Collaboration: why it's so hard, often fails but still worth trying – 5 October 2016 – we share this piece of external collaboration:

Nagoya University Hospital in Japan's Aichi Prefecture has started a program in collaboration with Toyota that aims to improve workflow, including eliminating mistakes by pharmacists. The automaker’s famed quality control methods include thorough reviews of its production systems and work environment in the event of mistakes to identify the root cause. Ayuko Yasuda, deputy chief of the hospital’s quality management and safety department, said Toyota’s renowned production philosophy could be applicable to the medical care industry. “There is a world of difference between the cultures of Toyota and the medical care industry in terms of controlling work quality and maintaining safety. What we need is to change the culture in medical organizations,” said Yasuda.

Reported in the Japan Times.