Geoff Booth

Considered to be independent minded, adaptable and forward thinking; attributes he now carries into his consulting work after 32 years in financial services with successful roles in sales, marketing, project management and customer service. 

Geoff joined HR to help set up Shared Services and ended his corporate life in there as Head of Employee Services, with a team of 180, accountable for in-house and outsourced services to 12,000 line mangers and 65,000 employees, a position he held for 10 years. He was also a careers coach to senior managers across the business.

Since then he has been working as an independent consultant, part of the Oxen Park team and other HR projects. He is well connected and up-to-date in his field, a Fellow of CIPD, a Steps Ahead Career mentor, and past Princes Trust mentor. Geoff is a member of B.A.S.C and has written 3 children’s books.

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Special Interest

  • Making HR more effective, commercially orientated and proud
  • Designing and leading development programmes for talented HR people 
  • Understanding our behaviour, particularly in HR teams


  • HR Team Leadership & Engagement
  • Developing HR talent
  • Service & relationship management for HR
  • HR Analytics
  • Optimising HR delivery including external partnering
  • Attendant Change Management in HR



What Our Clients Say

"He was engaging, great delivery style and pace. Really liked the balance between presentation, personal experience, industry knowledge and interactive sessions