The Future Workplace - The Collapse of the Corporate Ladder?

In this digital age, are workplace environments more concerned with collaboration than standardisation and are we are seeing a drive for a flatter more integrated structures? If so, does a traditional hierarchy, both in organisational structures and in career paths, provide adequate opportunities for a diversified workforce?

Speaking to the Guardian, Philippe De Ridder (co-founder of the Board of Innovation) describes an alternative to the traditional corporate hierarchy where millennials have "the freedom to take full ownership of particular domains or projects, with minimal supervision or bureaucracy, and to be able to pitch directly to the CEO without having to go through several layers of management."

Do you agree that this change to workplace structure is a key influencer for recruiting and retaining talent, ensuring productivity and wellbeing for your future workforce? Is it limited to organisations of a certain size or industry sector? How can these changes be applied in organisations with a diverse workforce who may not all prefer this approach? Take a look at our upcoming events where you can talk to us about this and other pertinent HR topics.

Read the full article here on the Guardian website.