Future HR Leaders

Our research has confirmed our long held belief that HR Directors and VPs of HR confess to always prioritising their contribution to business performance ahead of the development of their own teams. We firmly believe that, without developing and nurturing the HR ‘stock’, the contribution of the function to business success will diminish over time. Our development programmes are based on three principles:  collaborative co-design with the client, incorporate action learning and focus on the “how” of delivering effective HR service rather than technical aspects.


Good technical performers in HR don't necessarily become good leaders. This 6 day programme offers a unique way to learn. It brings quick and practical results which make a difference, both for HR`s contribution to the organization AND the performance of the individual. The emphasis on action learning will also develop different behaviours to strengthen leadership. It also offers high-quality networking amongst outstanding HR talent, and a means to learn from peers and carefully selected expert external contributors.

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Who Can Benefit

Leaders of HR functions in medium-sized and large organisations who want to accelerate development for their best performers and high-potential HR people. For participants who have well-grounded technical HR skills, are poised for an increase in responsibilities and promotion and are expected to grow into significant HR leadership roles within 3-5 years.

What It Offers

The programme, which runs twice yearly, provides a cohort of 6 HR professionals from 6 different organisations, 6 days of development over a 5-6 month period. The core design is built around an action learning set supplemented by inputs from 5 very senior HR leaders who facilitate discussions on topics chosen by participants. We provide a unique approach to development which provides accelerated development within the current role offering quick results on significant issues and opportunities facing the participant in a climate of reflection, challenge and coaching. 

The best action learning sets are characterised by moments of high emotion, memorable conversations, momentous decisions and lasting relationships. Tangible benefits are strengthened leadership and coaching skills, networking and, above all, positive actions and outcomes.

Additional Features

Provides a platform for participants to introduce this form of action learning into their own learning and development offerings. Two days are hosted by participants. Complements other Oxen Park development programmes.  


For the individual

  • Participants say they are more motivated, engaged, focused and inspired as a direct result of attending the programme.
  • Enhanced individual performance and effectiveness.
  • Ability to approach key challenges differently and more creatively.
  • Is a defining year for career and longer-term development


For sponsors and the organization

  • Helps to manage HR succession and strengthens the current and future HR talent pool
  • Investing in your key HR talent, rewards and retains high performers.
  • Delivers results within 8-12 weeks
  • Access to external best practice 
What's the Investment?

The participant will invest 6 working days over 6 months, in the pattern of 2 days, 1 day, 1 day and 2 days. Financially you will invest £3,800 (plus VAT) including all food and drink. The fee excludes the cost of travel and subsistence, however we have negotiated a preferential rate with the venue for the two overnight stays.


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