Communication & Brain Filtration

Friend of Oxen Park, Claire Markwick shares her thoughts on the effects of our internal filtration system and how it impacts the way we hear and communicate with others.

Have you ever had an argument with someone where you could both swear until you were blue in the face that you were right, despite differing opinions?  Or what about a time where you were explaining something to someone and it is clear as day to you, but the other person is looking at you blankly?  What’s going on here?  Is the other person being stubborn and annoying just to piss you off?  Maybe in some cases, but for the most part I would say no!!

You see the way we all view the world is unique to our own individual values, beliefs and experiences.  Think about it, if we were to have conscious awareness of every single piece of information that came our way in a day, our heads would probably explode!  We would literally have millions of things to deal with and process and as a result, we simply would not be able to function effectively.  Because of that, we have a filtration system and every single system is different.

So here is the mind blowing bit...we are not seeing “reality” in the world around us, we are seeing our version of reality, our representation of reality based on our filtration system.  And as we have determined that we all have unique filtration systems, we can conclude therefore that we are all experiencing a different version of reality...

Wohoaa...awesome right?

As mind twisting as this may seem, this very fact holds the key to our success.  What if some of the filters we are using are keeping out some of the bits of information that we need to make that change in our lives, or succeed at that goal we keep aiming for but never achieve?  What would happen if we change our filters?

What could we achieve then?

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