Claire Markwick

Armed with a Business Economics degree and 2 suitcases, Claire moved to Australia in 2004 and has since built over 12 years experience in the accounting and finance industry.  From public practice accounting, to managing portfolios of self managed superannuation (pension) funds, to business partnering, Claire has a sound knowledge of how business works. 

Claire is qualified in Meta Dynamics™ which is a research proven coaching methodology exclusive to The Coaching Institute in Melbourne, Australia.  Meta Dynamics™ is built on the fundamentals of NLP and focusses at the routes of our thinking style enabling us to identify gaps that traditional coaching and leadership development may not see.  Thinking, like any other skill, can be improved through coaching & education.

Being in Australia, Claire utilises platforms such as Zoom and Skype to facilitate webinars, group discussions and 1:1 sessions.

When not working, Claire is an active member of her local Toastmasters Club and sits on the executive committee.  She can also be found cheering from the sidelines watching her young sons riding motocross and enjoys all things camping and outdoorsy!