Big Data - threat or opportunity for HR – where do you start?

Monday, 24 November 2014
Your Office
90 Minutes

Big data - everyone is using the phrase but what does it mean and what does it mean for HR in particular?

We know that improvement in HR metrics, HR analytics, & HR KPIs are all regularly espoused at conferences. We also know that many HR leaders feel frustrated by where and how to start the HR Analytics journey.

Add the Big Data element and it can seem even harder, especially when you overlay HR’s role as guardian of employee privacy and data protection.

We recognise that poor underlying systems, inadequate data quality and paucity of the right skills in HR are also contributory factors in the apparent lack progress in this area.

To us it feels like 90 minutes would be well spent in dialogue with like minded HR Leaders and a subject matter expert, all this without leaving your desk. (We use Adobe Connect)

Our external contributor is Olly Britnell, now Head of Global Workforce Analytics at Experian, who spent the previous 10 years with PwC consulting in Workforce Data and Analytics. We’ve known Olly 15 years; he is now part of the HR team in Experian and knows exactly how hard this stuff is. He also knows the opportunities and the challenges in great detail.

We don’t charge for participating, all we ask is that if you commit to attending then please do so or let us know if your plans change. We only allow a small number of people to join the discussion so ‘turning up’ and participating is important to the success of the event.

• Doors open at 9.00 am
• Contributor input starts at 9.30 am
• Discussion starts 10 am
• Finish at 11.00 am

Please let us know if you are a regular or occasional user of Adobe Connect or a complete novice (we’ll target our guidelines to help you)

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