Artificial intelligence – the next workplace revolution?

We’ve already seen many HR teams affected by the efficiencies that technology can create – look towards most large organisations and you will find centralized, outsourced or off-shored HR administration services. How are other areas of our organisations set to change?

As we in HR have seen headcounts in transactional roles reduce, our organisations have and will continue to see the growth of robotic and intelligence solutions to tasks currently assigned to our human workforce. According to Jerry Kaplan, a Silicon Valley entrepreneur speaking to the Guardian, this trend is set to become the next industrial revolution.

So how will your organisation be affected? Will you see a reduction in your human workforce as manual labour, transactional administration and analytical tasks amongst others are taken on by robotic or AI counterparts? When considering national (and international) workforce planning, how do we utilise those individuals whose existing skills and capabilities are made redundant through advances in technology?

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Read the full article here on the Guardian website.