Abusive leadership is in the eye of the beholder?

According to the Wall Street Journal, 'New research indicates that managers who communicate clear motives, build trust, and have a track record of winning tend to be viewed positively by employees even if their style is aggressive or extremely demanding.'

The Wall Street Journal article continues:

'Staff view hard-driving management techniques differently, depending on who is behind the directives and the circumstances of the interactions, according to the study by Robert Bies, professor of management at Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business. When applied selectively and in the proper context, such aggressiveness can be an effective way to motivate people, concludes Bies.'

Oxen Park's Geoff shares his reaction:

"There is a time and place for most things in life. The proponents of Situational Leadership would certainly say this style has a place. The key in this statement in my opinion is ‘communicate clear motives and build trust’. It would be unproductive to simply be demanding without that trust and belief of the followers."